VIP Chincoteague Ponies - located at Rockin'H Ranch
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Located in Endicott, NY we breed, raise and sell Registered Chincoteague ponies.   We have both Island and "Misty" bred ponies.
This breed of ponies originally comes from the islands of Assateague and Chincoteague  off the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. The ponies run wild on Assateague and the Fire Department from Chincoteague cares for them.   Annually during the last week of July,  the firemen round up the herd and swim them over to Chincoteague where they sell some of the foals as a fund raiser... which also helps to keep the population of ponies on the island under control.  
 These ponies average 13 to 14 hands and are actually more like small horses. They are strong, athletic and suitable for many uses.  Sturdy and smart these ponies are easy keepers and easy to train making them an excellent choice for many horseowners.
We always have ponies available for purchase and welcome visitors to come meet our ponies.
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